Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sunny days and life recap

I'm learning that warmer weather has changed all sorts of things me. For one, I have a hard time being inside when it's warm. Thankfully I now have a pretty window at work so I can gaze out at the sunshine or open the window to let some fresh air in. So here's the average day for me.

6 am: Alarm goes off, but I hit snooze because it's too dark (dang daylight savings time) to get up and exercise.
7 am: Hit snooze again, because my sleep was interrupted at 6, and I know that if I hurry, I'll still make it to work on time if I sleep for 15 minutes longer.
7:15 am: Roll out of bed and I become angry at myself for not waking up at 6 to exercise, and then again not at 7 because now I have to hurry. Ugh.
8:30 am: Arrive at work.
12:30 pm: Lunch time. I usually go sit outside in the park with friends.
5:15 pm: Decide not to go belly dancing because it's so beautiful outside. Convince myself that I can make it up by going to class another day.
5:30 pm: Head for home, roll down windows, and play music loudly as I rock out (via belly dance moves) to hip hop or country music in my car until I get home.
6:15 pm: Arrive at home.
6:16 pm: Jonathan and I go play outside until the sun goes down. Bikes, gardening (more on that soon!), rollerblading, walking, reading, etc.
7:45 pm: Sun sets and we head inside to make dinner.
8:45 pm: Finally eat. By this time we are usually starving, so we eat too fast and then collapse because we're so full. I realize this isn't the best idea, but at this point, I'm craving every ounce of sun possible and I don't even care. The winter was really rough guys. I'm SO glad it's warm again.
10 pm: We head for bed and end up talking and planning our adventures until about midnight. (We've recently realized that we have tend to have our best chats way after bed time on work nights. Silly us.)

So here's the problem with my chosen schedule. I'm not sure when to exercise because my body wants to sleep when its dark, and it wants to be outside when the weather is sunny and beautiful. I guess I'll have to save my exercise for rainy days. Haha.

However, even if the daily exercise hasn't really been working out, we've picked up another activity. Mountain biking! We've been mountain biking every weekend for the past month. Thankfully my friend Shannon, who's teaching English in Taiwan right now, has lent me her sweet bike. Who knew I'd enjoy such a thrilling sport? It tends to freak me out, but somehow I love it. Makes me feel alive. :)

Anyway, we've also been making some amazing food. We've been cooking every night and it's been delicious. (I'm telling you Spring is fantastic). Recently we made calzones from scratch. Ooooh yum. Here are some photos:

I highly encourage making calzones from scratch. We put spinach, feta, garlic, onions, and mushrooms in ours. The crust was from a bread recipe I'll attach in another post next time Jonathan makes some. It's a piece of cake and he has become the master bread maker. It's pretty fantastic. 

Anyway, happy Spring everyone! Go out and play in the sun a little!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Your calzones look beautifully perfect!!