Monday, November 1, 2010

garden 10/5/10

This was an exciting day. We finally got to try the lettuce! And oh my. I've decided there's nothing like eating a salad straight from the garden to the plate 5 minutes later.

It's also gotten a bit cooler, so Jonathan built this amazing shelter for our plants. We like to think of it as a steam room to fast-forward plant growth (we got our squash seeds in a little late).

Jonathan showing off his hard work. What a surprise is was to come home to this!

The tires are left over from the potatoes, and them seem to work well to keep the plastic down.

See those marigolds in there? Yeah. This plastic oven only made these babies bigger.

Ah. We pulled out the watermelons. Decided it was too cold. There were about 2 full sized ones. Some flavor, but really they needed a little more time on the vine. Oh well, we will try again next summer!

Yowza! The lettuce is continuing to grow. If you look to the left, you can see a little row that is just sprouted. Lots more of this goodness to come.



This picture isn't the prettiest, but I was running around too much to set them up in a row. Most of these were too small, but they were a pretty decoration for a week or so.

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