Monday, February 7, 2011

Broccoli Cheddar Soup (kinda)

Yum. I've recently found my new favorite (and go-to) food blog - 101 cookbooks. The author has won numerous awards and has a focus on wholesome, good-for-you foods. Plus, it's mostly vegetarian.

Last week Jonathan made this split pea soup and it was so good we made it again the next night. Today, my office mate Ashlea shared her experience making this broccoli soup (pictured above), so we tried it tonight. We modified the recipe a little - we swapped out the potatoes and used butternut squash instead. Also, we used extra sharp Vermont white cheddar, and only as a garnish.

I even took my own pictures, but I quickly realized that the lighting in our kitchen/dining room is not very condusive for pretty food pictures. At least not at this time of day. And lets be honest, I was too busy enjoying the soup to set up my lighting kit. :) Anyway, thought I would share. It's quite delicious and we can't wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow.

Have a happy week!


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