Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love cupcakes. My friend Audrey makes some yummy yummy tiramisu cupcakes (and they're vegan too!). I saw these and instantly desired something sweet. is a fun way to spice up an ordinary cupcake, with a fun flag! A template can be found here, or if you have some fancy paper lying around, even better.

[image courtesy of little paper dog]

After this posted, I went to lunch with some co-workers to celebrate Cathie, who is getting married this Friday. Following a lovely tea-like lunch at Between the Bridges, we walked across the street to Whipped Cupcakes underneath Clumpies Ice Cream. It's a one of the three cupcake shops (that I know of) that are popping up around Chattanooga. Anyway, I had a pumpkin cupcake and it was such a treat. They were cute, delicious and moist, and their logo is fun. I wish I had had my camera to take a photo, as I even grabbed for it. You know the days you don't take a camera are the days you wish you had one. I learned my lesson.

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