Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As soon as we finished our garden beds, we rode up to Chilhowee Campground above Parksville Lake (Lake Ocoee). Lots of camping happened in April. Two weekends in a row actually. First one was for Jonathan's birthday, second for a church campout. The weather has just been beautiful. Also, we went on quite an epic mountain biking adventure following our first camping night. We went 8 or so miles which wasn't too outrageous, but it was straight up and down, and then Jonathan's tire blew out half way. We happened to be right next to a grassy field and proceeded to stuff the tire full of grass. There's video of it, I'll post it once Jonathan uploads it. It's quite hilarious and inventive. :)

Weekend 1

Complete with all the fixin's. 
Salt and vinegar kettle chips, marshmallows, sarsaparilla soda (oh my, if you've never tried it, go to World Market right now), big franks, sauerkraut, and strawberries to add to your smores'. Trust me, it's delicious. Bess has so many brilliant ideas. :)

Jonny making fire.

Bess' dog, Etta. She's a good camper.

The view from up top. Parksville Lake at the bottom.

I really do love Tennessee. It's perfect.

His sweet film SLR.

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