Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Vegetable Garden: Part 1

At the beginning of April, Jonathan and I took a day to build two 4x20 ft raised beds in the backyard. Jonathan mowed down a section of the backyard and we called a couple friends to help us shovel 3 tons of dirt. It was quite an adventure, but well worth it! We counted 24 man-hours from start to finish. 
Here's the documentation:


Mowing down the backyard.

Cutting the boards.

Laying down the plan.

Drilling the boards.

Shoveling the mushroom compost. 
One word: stinky!


The hard workers! 
Guian, Jonathan and Monika. 
Danny and David had to leave half way through to go to class. Thanks guys for all your help!

The end.


  1. oh im so happy to finally see the process you were mentioning :) Good work! Can't wait to see it all up close in july!!!

  2. Ah! How exciting! Can't wait to see all your updates!

  3. Cool! I've been wanting one so bad!!

  4. love the picture you took of me and david sawing the board