Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Vegetable Garden: Part 5

We recently put in some irrigation. Jonathan's really good at this and I mostly watched, but I did help some. It was so cool to turn on the water and watch the soaker hoses start to sparkle!

After we were all done we realized that we should have put the irrigation in the opposite side of the bed, since there is a bit of an incline. We'll fix that soon. And...the broccoli is seriously huge. I'm so excited.

The timer.

The plan.

Connecting the compression hoses. Tougher than you'd think.

Ta da!

Look at the water! It was like magic.

...and ladies and gents, we have irrigation!


  1. Mo! I was in C-dale about a week ago and saw your garden a few times in passing! I would have stopped to say hello but your car was never there ]: But your garden looks fabulously fun and cute! I'm jealous you have land to do that.. we can't even have a tiny planter for our little city apartment! P: