Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Vegetable Garden: Part 9a

[Taken May 19, 2010]

Yum. It's been so exciting to watch these little seedlings produce fruit. I think one of my favorite parts of the day is coming home, grabbing Jonathan's hand, and running outside to inspect the progress of our garden. This post is in two parts, because there are too many pictures and I've exceeded the upload limit. I'll be back as soon as I can figure out a solution.

Here's the latest:

Carrots in front, the cucumbers that survived, potato-filled tires, and then squash!

Broccoli in front, spinach, salad bowl lettuce, salad mix, peppers, then tomatoes.

We thinned these last week, now they are twice the size they were!

These babies are about 6 weeks old. Insanely huge yellow squash and zucchini.

Look at those fruits! (Yellow squash)

The squash leaves are bigger than my hands.

Our first tomato fruit this season.

To be continued...

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