Friday, June 25, 2010


Ah. I think June has been the busiest month since planning our wedding. I terribly miss blogging but I realize that ultimately free time spent with my husband is more important. However, I'm still taking pictures of everything so I just need to catch up.

Since being on vacation I've had 3 photo sessions (in one week!), weeded and picked from my garden multiple times, sewed curtains for the living room, exercised daily, eaten more squash and cucumbers that I ever imagined, slept less than usual, gone on exhilarating evening moped rides with the boys (they have named themselves the Street Sharks), and designed lots of magazines. 

I'm now preparing for one of my very best friends and her beau to visit all the way from California. In the midst of all the craziness, their arrival has prompted me to get our house into shape. She hasn't seen it since it was a bachelor pad (prior to my moving in). So we are organizing, donating, cleaning, etc. until we can't anymore. It's actually really fun (at least I think so). 

 I have lots of photos are stories to share. But until then, please sit tight. Because when I come back to blogging, it's going to come full speed!


sweet image via charis tsevis

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