Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dehydrating squash

Back in July we had squash coming out of our ears. I borrowed a dehydrator from my friend Bess and went to town. I cut up handfuls of squash to dehydrate. I'm looking forward to putting them in soups, stews, or casseroles this fall/winter. I've never used dehydrated vegetables before but I'm looking forward to it.

The process was speedy thanks to the mandolin slicer I got J for his birthday. It's awesome.

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  1. Monika,

    Your blog makes me wish several things:
    1) That I took more photographs
    2) That I was more domestic (Yum!)
    3) That we weren't on opposite sides of the country so we could hang out

    I'm sure Kaitlyn would especially agree with #3.
    Blessings, friend!

    Sarah H