Friday, July 9, 2010

Kaitlin + Jared | Engagement

What can I say. Kaitlin is the best. She's practically my favorite and she's so silly that she always brings laughter so my soul. I love you dear! Thank you so much for coming all the way across the country to visit me. I'm so excited for you and Jared! Can't wait until your wedding. 

The light for this shoot was incredible. I've been wanting to try a morning light shoot for some time and these two were willing to wake up and start at 7 a.m. You guys rock. Enjoy!


After a day of rafting and shooting at the range, we ran home to catch a few shots in their new t-shirts before the sunset. Jared's t-shirt says "I want to ride bikes with you," and Kaitlin's features a sweet cruiser with a basket along with some words in French we aren't sure of. J and I LOVE bikes so we weren't going to miss this opp. The bikes on Jared's shirt are the exact same as our yellow one in the garage. How sweet is that? 
Now, I just need to find these shirts for ourselves...

[photos by Monika]


  1. Yay for Kaitlin getting engaged! The pictures are wonderful! You are so talented Monica! Tell Kaitlin hi for me next time you see her!

  2. YAY For pictures of us:) WE LOVE THEM! We had so much fun taking pictures with you! Thanks again! We "just wanna ride bikes with you!" :)
    Jared + Kait