Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sewing curtains

These were taken on June 17

This was a very exciting day.
Laurie is fantastic. I could not have done it without her. On Mother's Day we spent the day shopping and found our way to the fabric store. I had found some fabric that I LOVED a week earlier and had decided it was time to go for it. I can't sew worth anything, so I asked Audrey's mom if she would teach me. Jonathan and I measured the windows in the living room, and Laurie and I figured out how much fabric we would need. Then a month later, we found the time to make them. Hooray! Here's the process. I was very excited the entire time. We made 4 panels and it took about 3 hours. :)

First we measured, trimmed and cut all the pieces.

Then we sewed!

I'm very excited.

Then we attached the rings.

And hung them up. Ta da!

Thanks Laurie!


  1. Hey Monika, I've been wanting to do this too. How much was the fabric versus buying actual curtains? I'm just trying to figure out if the main advantage is the customizing of the curtains or if it does save money?

  2. Hey! Well I think it ends up being the price of nice-ish curtains. The main reason I did them myself is because I couldn't find any curtains that I really liked for the room. I spent about $90 on fabric enough for 4 panels, a smaller panel for the front door, and some throw pillows. I bought 11 yards of fabric, at $10.99 a yard, but I got them on sale. There's definitely less expensive fabric out there. Hope that helps!