Friday, October 16, 2009

desk/office search and organization

Hi Friends. Husband and I have been on a major cleaning streak this past week. We have some friends coming to live with us for a week and we've realized that we have too much stuff and it's becoming unbearable. For example, do we really need 6 sets of twin sheets (thank you dorm living and then merging houses)? Or how about all the random piles of old checks, papers, pens, magazines, toys, trinkets, etc? In an effort to downsize and get organized, so we can actually live in our house with the beginnings of claustrophobia about to set in, (ok it's not that bad but still) we have started to clear things out.

It's been awesome. We've had two random busts of cleaning energy this week to throw things away (and of course donate things of worth to the Samaritan Center) and I feel pretty productive. The trash can is filling up as are the donation boxes and the recycle bins. I've found that I really enjoy throwing things away. Plus, it's a huge perk to have my favorite buddy there to do these things with.

In the midst of all this cleaning, we've also been trying to find a desk so we can actually put away the important things we are going to keep and have a reasonable surface to work on. Thankfully last Friday night we were visiting Jonathan's grandma and she is giving us one of her desks. It's in great shape and it will be perfect...and it's free! Hooray!

We may paint it or do something fun with it, but in the meantime I've found these fun office spaces that are inspirational.

[Images via Design Sponge]

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