Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend was fab. Husband had to work on Saturday, but we had a good time. Here's the low down.

Fantastico lunch at the Cooper's!
The gentleman cooked up a mean meal that was divine. Pasta with crushed tomato cream sauce, scrumptious mushrooms, spinach spread and pumpernicle, strawberry-walnut salad, a breaded zucchini dish, fresh bread with homemade butter (no joke!), and a watermelon/strawberry drink.

Sailing on Chickamauga Lake with Kelli and David

Laser tag and arcade games with Husband and friends in the middle of nowhere Cleveland, TN.

Crepes, dancing, & SNL at the Cooper's

...and all this made it a very very late night. We slept in late the next morning.

Sunday we both worked/played on the computer. It started to rain so we had to postpone the photo shoot. Then Jonathan made pesto from all the lovely basil plants in our garden and I made pizza. The evening finished with Jonathan reading a magazine while I watched the recaps of the musical scenes from various Glee episodes. I ♥ Glee so very much. If there was ever a show that was made for me, this it is.

Anyway, I loved this weekend. :)

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