Friday, October 2, 2009

rain boots

A DSW opened near us about the time I realized that most of my shoes were beginning to have holes in them. So I ventured out to find some new ones and had a lot of fun. It took about two months, but and I ended up with a couple pairs of new and fantastic shoes. What I learned along the way is, well, I'm very picky. However, I think it's a good thing because otherwise I'd end up with a closet full of items that rarely get used .

Anyway, I bought a pair of Sperry Top Siders at DSW and joined their little rewards thing so each time I buy something I get points. When I signed up (it was free, no credit card, just a reward card) I automatically got a $10 gift certificate plus some fun e-mails every now and then with pretty shoes inside.

Today, I got that e-mail and found myself looking at rain boots. Hooray! I love rain boots. I bought my first pair when I moved to Tennessee four years ago and I still wear them every time we have a down pour. Unfortunately, they too are beginning to get old and have a couple tears.

Here are some fun ones. Left to right, there is the Nomad Hurricane Rain Boot which I think is my favorite. I love red. Then there is the Chooka Koi Tattoo Rain Boot which is quite fabulous and my second favorite. Finally we have the Kamik Maude Waterproof Rain Boot which reminds me a lot of my current rain boots.

[images via dsw]


  1. sweetie you make it sound like you're homeless. "my favorite shoes have holes in them" I don't want people that read this to think that I don't take care of you.

  2. oh husband you crack me up. you are the best person in the world and thank you for taking care of me. :)